jeudi, février 08, 2018


On tuesday evening, it snowed heavily and Paris and its surrounding area were paralysed. Roads were blocked as snow piled up. Cars were stuck and snow trucks could not pass to clear the snow. An estimated 1800 drivers spent their night in their cars on the road. A neighbour who worked 15km took 4 hours to reach home. I could imagine her stress as I had a minor experience too.

A1 was sick on tuesday and I brought him to the doctor. On the way to the pharmacy, cars were driving at 30km/h and we saw some cars skidding on the slippery icy road. A bus stopped and could not move and I was just a few cars behind. We waited for 10mins before some kind souls helped direct traffic as it was a single lane road. During that time, I thought I had to park my car by the side and walked 3km home with my sick boy.

After getting the medication, under the heavy snow, I drove slowly back home. From the town to my village, there was a long line of cars. We were driving at 10mk/h by then. 

On Wednesday, A1 stayed at home while I brought A2 to school. A1's teacher was there but not A2's. His teacher could not make it to school. So I brought A2 back home and the boys played in the snow.
In the afternoon, I borrowed a snow shovel from a neighbour and cleared my driveway. I was told that temperature would stay at zero for the next few days and if the driveway was not cleared of snow, I would not be able to drive out the car.  I don't intend to use the car this week as all activities are cancelled.

This morning, A1 went to school as usual while A2 still did not have class. He stayed with 6 other kids doing coloring activities and playing games. Parents who could not go to work kept their kids at home. I had to pour hot water over our front gate as it was frozen and would not open. As the canteen was closed because the caterer could not deliver lunch, the boys came home for lunch. Secondary school kids did not have school as there was no bus service.

The sun came out and the garden shed looked like a mountain chalet.  
We are not going to ski this year yet the boys had a chance to put on their ski suits and shoes. They had fun sledging down the slope in the park.
Seb was lucky to escape this as he is in Italy since Tuesday. He will return tomorrow night and I hope he can come home easily as snow is expected.

When I sent photos to my friends in Singapore with the caption "Paris and its suburbs are paralysed", one replied "it's more like paradise." Yes, paradise for the kids. For us adults, this is not much fun because this weather is rare and we are not equipped.

mardi, janvier 23, 2018

Just Kunafa

Seb went to Dubai last week for a last minute meeting. He took the flight on Thursday, had his meeting on Friday, met an ex-colleague for dinner and took the 3am flight arriving at CDG airport on Saturday morning.

 I told him to try and get me a box of baklawa. I love these middle east desserts. He was thoughtful enough to get t-shirts for the boys and even a fridge magnet for his mother-in-law despite the busy schedule.

When I received this beautiful box of sweet delights, I thought of sharing with friends. There were too many and the kids did not like them. However once I started eating them, I could not stop. I am going to finish this box by myself. Won't do good to my waistline but I just couldn't resist them!

If you go Dubai, go visit this shop and try these. They are really really good.

lundi, janvier 01, 2018

New year's creations

Happy new year everyone. I haven't been posting as December was a busy month preparing for christmas plus year end activities for the boys. Seb being often on work trips did not help. 
I was feeling under the weather due to the grey and rainy December skies.

I am taking vitamins and hopefully 2018 will begin on a cheerful note; though it rained the whole day today. Yesterday we welcomed the new year celebrating a friend's 40th birthday. So today, we stayed at home to get over the hangover and rest.

Me being me, I took out the sewing machine while the boys took a nap. In no time at all, I made a zipped pouch. The tutorial can be found here. Zips do not scare me anymore. :)

I also made some make up remover washable cotton pads. I got the idea from the DIY workshop organised by the village library in Dec. I don't put on make up often and I use disposable cotton to remove the make up. With these washable pads, there will be no waste of cotton pads.

For year 2018, I aspire to be a responsible consumer in generating less waste. What is your resolution for 2018?