vendredi, septembre 19, 2008

A late summer vacation

Since the fire in the Eurotunnel on 11 September, the Eurostar trains had been greatly affected. On the Eurostar website, passengers are advised not to travel to London if possible for this month. Delays are expected since only one out of the two tunnels is in operation.

I had to cancel our London day trip. There is no point getting stuck at Gare du Nord and arriving in London just for a few hours. Now, I am brain storming on what to do for this day's activity.
Brussels, chateaux de la Loire, miniature France, Reims in Champagne........

Tonight, we will go pick up my family at the airport and my vacation of two weeks start from there. So, in two weeks time.......

Suite à l'incident survenu la semaine dernière dans le Tunnel sous la Manche, Eurostar effectue un service limité. Sur le site d'Eurostar, les voyageurs sont conseillés de ne pas aller à Londres si possible ce mois ci. Des retards sont prévus car seulement un tunnel sur deux est ouvert.

J’ai du annuler notre visite à Londres. Ca ne vaut pas le coup de rester coincer à Gare du Nord et d’arriver à Londres uniquement pour quelque heures de visite. Maintenant, je me demande quoi faire ce jour là. Aller à Bruxelles, visiter les châteaux de la Loire, France miniature ou bien Reims en Champagne..... A voir.

Ce soir, on va à l’aéroport et mes vacances de deux semaines commence à partir de là. Alors, à dans deux semaines…

mardi, septembre 09, 2008

Home alone

I have been on the quiet side these days as I am just not inspired to write. I know that there are a few people out there who will pop by sometimes. Here's a little update for you.
Seb is away in Germany for two weeks and I will have my husband only for the weekend. I am enjoying my time alone for the moment because in two weeks time, our home will be overcrowded. My mom and sister are coming, along with my grand-uncle and my auntie Lily; mom's best friend. That's quite an entourage, isn't it?

Mom had been to France alone twice and I asked her to come with someone this time. Auntie Lily agreed to come along. Then my grand-uncle decided to come along too. And at the last minute, my dear sister joined in. Good thing we have two spare rooms so all the ladies shall squeeze in one room and my grand-uncle in the other.

They will be here for two weeks and I have already planned our trip. Yeah, I am taking two weeks of leave to spend time with them. Though France itself is very big and two weeks is not enough to visit everything here, my visitors would like to taste England. So we will be doing a day trip to London. Gare du Nord is just a station away from my place. With the new Eurostar station in London, it takes only 2hours 20mins to get there.

We will also spend 4 days in the south-west of France. We will travel by train, rent a 7 seater car and stay in bed-and-breakfast. I hope my visitors will enjoy Pays-Basque. I shall be able to write something about Pays-Basque in October. In the meanwhile, I doubt I will write much again.

Oh yeah, Mamamia is out in the cinema tomorrow. I am going to watch it with Anca. Her husband is also on business trip this week and none of our husbands wants to watch it. So we shall have a great ladies' nite.