lundi, juin 27, 2011

Air plane food

Finally downloaded photos from my mobile phone. Here is the kid's meal on Singapore Airline when we were heading to Singapore from Paris. There were tomates, bread, carrot and potato purée with minced chicken. A pack of juice and yoghurt. It even came with a goodie box. A complete meal for toddler A1.

For my 3 trips to Helsinki in May and June, I travelled on business class. It was no big deal as the plane was a small one for the short journey. So all seats were of the same size. The only difference was the meal. Instead of a sandwich, we had a complete meal with wine or champagne included.

After the E. Coli cucumber scare in Germany, I ate more cucumber than ever. The client's canteen served cucumber and so did the meals on flight. They must be so cheap now that food industry bought them in tons.

One evening, on the way back to France, I captured this scene of the sun rays peeking through the clouds. It was magnifient. Too bad, the photo did not do the scene justice.

No more work trips at the moment. Hooray. The next travel plan will be in Nov when baby A2 and I are heading to Singapore (again).

lundi, juin 13, 2011

Great birthday party

Lukas used to live next door but had moved recently. His mother invited us to his birthday party at the grand-uncle's place. We enjoyed ourselves. The weather was great that day and the venue was calm in the countryside.

The theme of the party was around Mickey Mouse. Boy, the decorations put up by Nadia just blew me off. It was a small party with Lukas' family and us and she put in such efforts.

Toddler A1 had so much fun with his friend. As you could see from the pictures below, any kid is bound to enjoy himself. We got Lukas a fire engine truck and he loved it.

The boys having lunch on their own picnic table with Lukas' grand-father watching over. Toddler A1 had too many hotdogs that day.

Mickey everywhere!

We miss Lukas and Nadia a lot. We do promise to keep in touch and try to do activities with our boys togather.

vendredi, juin 10, 2011

Rice dumpling

In the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, the chinese celebrates the dragon boat(Duanwu) festival. On this day and even during the month, one can find rice dumplings everywhere in Singapore.

I remembered that when I was young, my mum used to make those Nonya rice dumplings. For a long time, those were the only ones I ate. In my late teens, I came across the common meat rice dumpling made by a friend's mother but I still preferred mum's.

Having lived in France for so many years, I never celebrate Duanwu festival. OK, celebrate is a big word cos even in Singapore, for me, it was eating a few rice dumplings that mum made for the occasion. I think I only bought rice dumpling once in my entire 8 years here.

Last week, Ai Yi (aunty in chinese), the kids' nanny asked if I would like to eat rice dumplings. She offered to give me several but after knowing that her rice dumplings are dessert rice dumplings, I told her to just give me 3. I never like sweet rice dumplings though my mum had been converted since many years. I think that is one of the reason why she no longer does Nonya rice dumplings.

When I came back from my Helsinki trip on wed, I saw 3 rice dumplings sitting on the kitchen table. I ate one in office the next day and I enjoyed the slightly salty glutinous rice with a sweet big red date. I called home to thank Ai Yi cos' I won't see her until tues. It was really nice of her.
I took a pic before sharing the 2 left with Seb that evening.

Now that I have kids, I should maybe learn from my mum or Ai Yi the making of rice dumplings. I do hope that tradition continues and my kids will be eating rice dumpling made by their mother.

jeudi, juin 09, 2011


We bought this cake for my mother-in-law's birthday celebration at Galleries Lafayette gourmet. I had to take a pic of it as it looked good and tasted good, even for a non-cake person like me. If you do happen to be in Paris and come across a Dalloyau tea salon, try it. It is just as famous as Ladurée.

There are also Lenôtre and Fauchon which creates lovely to the eyes and tasty food.

I have been eating and eating these days. Now, I understand why most middle age mums put on weight so easily. I do crave for sweet things at times and this was so unlike me before having the 2 boys. Will write more about my other food indulgences soon.