jeudi, avril 18, 2013


Dandelion in french is called Pissenlit. Its direct translation would be 'peeinbed' due to the strong diuretic effect of the plant's roots. I was told that Pissenlit though consider a weed can be eaten as salad.
With just a few days of warm spring weather, my garden is full of weeds.
Seb is starting to dig a perimeter of 3m X 4m in the garden. It would be our vegetable plot. And looking at this area, it is already a vegetable garden full of dandelion to be used as salad. 

I have never tasted Pissenlit. I will be looking up for receipe online. Will update about my salad of pissenlit once it is done.

lundi, avril 15, 2013

I'm a godmother

I am a godmother to a little MY since saturday. MY's mother and I are close friends since many years. I feel honored to be chosen as the godmother for this sweet baby girl.

The ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Paris. This place is a hidden gem. Look at the beautiful façade. This side of the building is facing an inner court and opposite it is a 6 storey residental building. This façade is hidden from the public except the people living in the residental building.
The ceremony was intime with only families and a few close friends invited. MY's cousin was also baptised on this day. The two babies were well behaved. As the godmother, I had to carry MY all the time while the priest carried out the ceremony. It was long but MY did not cry much in my arms. She was so sweet.
After the ceremony, we headed to my friend's place for a meal. Though it was raining, the family prepared a BBQ and we had a great time chatting and festing.

mardi, avril 02, 2013

Egg hunting

On Easter monday, we went to the kids' grandparents for lunch. It was a tradition for the kids to hunt for chocolate eggs during Easter. It was the first time that A2 hunt and pick eggs by himself. He went 'Wow' each time he found some eggs.
The older cousins helped the boys to point out the hiding places. I could tell that the boys had fun.
In the end, all the eggs were divided equally among the four grandchildren.
 This was the collect the two boys brought home. There were also bigger chocolates. Now, the boys asked for chocolates non-stop. I hid the basket and rationed an egg or two for them each day. Like my neighbour suggested, maybe these chocolates would end up as mousse au chocolat.