vendredi, novembre 13, 2009

Paris Markets

A friend from Singapore was asking me about the markets in Paris. Which days are they available and at which district.

I checked through internet and found the list. However, the list is in french. It states the district in Paris, the Metro station, the day and time. I guess it is not difficult to make out the information except for the days. So here is a table showing DAYS in english and french.

I hope this information will be useful to tourist. French markets are a pretty sight and is something not to be missed when visiting France. After all, this is a country of great gastronomy.

jeudi, novembre 12, 2009

Label label

Got this cloth from a UK website while shopping for bandana bibs. Baby A likes to chew on labels. Once he is handed a toy, he would nibble on the label. Somehow, babies prefer that than the toy itself.

With this cloth, he has lots of labels to choose from. Still, I saw him putting the real label to his mouth once. Coincidence?

lundi, novembre 02, 2009

Beyond mouldy cheese and heart shaped clouds

I have problems getting shoes due to my small feet. As winter approaches, I wanted to equip my feet with a pair of heeled ankle boots. I found a few addresses on internet and on saturday, our mission was "Mom buying shoes".

We decided to go to the shoe shop at rue de Provence at Paris 9th district. As Galleries Lafayette Gourmet was along the way, we stopped by there to appreciate the delicious food. Seb and I adore this place. There are tasting bars, restaurants and deli counters. One could buy bread from Kayser bakery or pasteries from Dalloyau, have an Italian ham sandwich with a glass of white wine, drink (expensive) freshly squeezed fruit juice, buy some foie gras or cavier. And the list goes on. The food variety is international. My favourite deli counter is chinese. The food are fresh and tasty. Seb's favourite counter is cheese. We saw this really mouldy cheese.

Here's a closer look of it. This is beyond me. I doubt I will ever be able to put this in my mouth even with the surface scrapped off. Would you?

Paris is a city of surprise. One should always bring out the camera even if one lives in Paris.
Did you notice two heart shaped clouds in the photo above? For an obvious view, see the photo below. Heart shaped clouds were being blown out of a box planted in the middle of a street in Paris. Everyone was taking photos with their handphones. Really funny.

It was a fruitful day as I managed to get my boots and we had a lovely time walking from Saint Lazare to Les Halles. The next day, we went to Saint Michel area after church but as the weather report predicted, it was a rainy day. I guess saturday was the last day of warm autumn.