mardi, décembre 27, 2011

Spectacle at Bercy Village

Just the weekend before christmas, we headed to Bercy Village for a walk. Before having kids, Seb and I used to come here to watch movies with our friends. This place used to be an old warehouse for wine and there is a mini railway track in the middle of the pavement. Now, it has been redevelopped and the 2 rows of warehouses host boutiques and restaurants.

During the month of december, everywhere we went, we came across spectacles and shows. It was lively here as the 4 elfes were trying their best to make their reindeer move forward. They spoke in their elfish language among themselves; they spoke to the reindeer to motivate him to move; they danced; they made music; they bounced around. Finally the reindeer moved.

Everyone was delighted. Children and adults alike.

vendredi, décembre 23, 2011

End year season

In Nov, toddler A2 and I spent 2 weeks in Singapore. We went there for my mum's birthday and though it was a short stay, it was a good trip. I did not tell many friends that I was back because the whole idea was to spend time with my mum. To keep a low profile on that, I shall not put any photos of that trip here.

With christmas coming soon, we had been busy in december. 2 weekends ago, we headed down to Opera area. As a tradition, we brought the kids to view the display windows at Galleries Lafayette. This year's theme was on Rock and Mode. It was not very interesting. Just dolls playing rock instruments in all the display windows. It was so crowded that I left with toddler A2 to shop for christmas gifts. Furthermore, he was in his stroller and could hardly see the window.

We had lunch at the chinese restuarant on the last floor of Galleries Lafayette. After that, we decided to walk around. We crossed the street to avoid the crowd. Printemps was just beside Galleries Lafayette and it was just as crowded.

We walked around the Madeleine area and I dropped by GAP for kids clothes as there was a 30% discount sale that day.

I took pics of chocolates displays during our walk. Christmas is such a big event in France and chocolates are a must. I love the chocolate representation of Santa Claus at the last pic.

dimanche, décembre 11, 2011

How we travel with the kids

In France, car seats for children are mandatory and the law is strictly abided. I rarely see young children not buckled in one.

However, in my short visits in Singapore each time, I saw on many occasions mothers who held their kids on their laps sitting in the front passenger seat. Or even kids not buckled up playing at the back of the car. This is disturbing for me. I had experienced minor car collisions twice in my life and the impact was strong even if there was no big damage done to the cars. Having a seat belt helped. If a child is not properly buckled on, in the event of an accident, he can be seriously injured. I questioned my friends and they said 'Oh, it's just a short distance.' Still, if you don't bang other cars, these other cars might bang yours. We never know.

Recently, a friend put on facebook a video of her 2 year old singing in the car. The father was driving, the mother was in the front taking video of her daughter who was standing in the middle and holding onto the two front headrests as support. I can't imagine how they could allow that.

OK, critics aside. If I had to travel in a car without a car seat (taking a taxi or my mum's car in Sg), I would sit at the back of the car, put my kid on my lap and buckle him with me. That won't replace the car seat but I was doing my best.

The photos below were taken during our trip in Lyon. Toddler A1 was in his comfy car seat. As usual, he did not want his photos to be taken. Toddler A2 was in his baby coque. He used this since birth. Soon, he will be upgraded to a road facing car seat as he is getting too big. We will be getting a bigger car seat for A1 and as usual, A2 will use the hand me down of his brother's.

jeudi, décembre 08, 2011

A1's joke

Yesterday at home, A1 shouted 'caca, caca'. That meant that he pooed. I asked if he did it already in his diaper, he nodded and started to walk like a duck. He seldom walked like that so I had the impression that he did a big one and he was in discomfort. Since it was near bath time, I told Seb to run the water in the bathtub.
I put A1 up on the changing table and started to unchange him. I expected the worse and when I opened his diaper, there was nothing. I said 'but you did not do caca'. He looked at me and started to smile and then laughed. He was pulling my leg. I shouted for Seb to come take a look. It was too comical. Our little boy of 31 months is starting to play jokes on us.
This was not the first time but this was the most beliveable.
Not too long ago at the Chinese supermarket, he told me the same thing. I told him I would change him at home. But when we reached home, there was nothing.
I don't think I will fall for his little trick the third time. Let's see if there will be new joke up his sleeves soon.

dimanche, décembre 04, 2011

Advent calendars

December is already here. Seb was recently in London and I told him to get something for the kids. Among toys, he bought advent calendars.

There are 24 windows on each advent calendar; one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. Since the first of december, each evening before sleep time, the kids would open a window corresponding to the day. Inside would be a little message and a small chocolate. After eating the first one, A1 asked "Encore." We told him to be patient and that he was allowed only one a day. A2 shared his chocolate with me. Yeah, he had no choice cos I felt that he was still young for chocolate yet I did not want him to miss out the fun. When I broke the chocolate, he would want to take the big piece. So young and already having notion of big and small.

This advent calendar is a fun one for kids. So the messages are like "Is it snowing yet?", "Have you wrap up your gifts?". When they are older, I will get more meaningful advent calendars.

After Christmas eve, I hope the boys won't think that a chocolate before bed time is normal. Maybe the Christmas presents they receive will make them forget about this advent routine.