samedi, novembre 12, 2016

Zoo de Beauval

Here are some photos of the visit to the Zoo de Beauval. It is the only zoo in France to have two pandas (borrowed) from China.

The four boys enjoyed themselves a lot. We arrived at 10am and left at 5pm. The zoo was big and we managed to visit 80% of the park. We caught two shows, the bird show which was spectacular and the seals performance.

In the afternoon, it rained and we took shelter in the gorillas greenhouse and the aquarium. There were many interesting animals. The kids were very happy with this trip. This zoo is about 3 hours drive from Paris. The zoo has two hotels and for far away visitors, it is worth considering staying there and visiting the zoo in 2 days.

vendredi, novembre 11, 2016

Kapla joy

Boys still love playing with kapla, especially A1. He had the patience to make this tall tower. It was taller than me.

On another occasion, he made a castle wall at the entrance of his bedroom door. He managed to walk over it without any problem even in the dark.
As usual all these constructions last less than a week when the floor has to be cleared for the cleaning lady on monday. If I have to vacuum the rooms, I would try my best to avoid them. Not easy at all.

jeudi, novembre 10, 2016

All Saints' holiday at Brittany

I had not visited Brittany since a while. The boys spent 10days over there with their grandparents during summer after their trip to Singapore.

So for the all saints' day long weekend, we packed everyone including pets in the car and headed for the summer house. We reached on a friday night and left on wed afternoon. The Saturday morning market at Saint Renan is a must for me so I insisted that we reached there on a friday. I bought strawberries (the last of the season), artichokes and 2 big crabs at the market. The boys love seafood.

I was expecting cold windy weather as we were in autumn now. However, we had sunny and warm days over there. It was 17 degrees in the afternoon and we were in t-shirts. The winter coats I brought along were not necessary except for the day we left.

We spent everyday walking the dog, going to the beaches and playing tennis. We went to the swimming pool  and played bowling once. The boys built sand castles on the mostly deserted beach.

It was a relaxing short getaway. Handsome enjoyed the sandy beach.

School holiday ended on wed. The next day when the boys were preparing to go to school, A2 mentioned that he was a lucky boy. He had spent an overnight trip with his friends when we visited the castle and the zoo in the beginning of the school holiday. After that, he spent several days at his grandparents' before we went to pick up the boys on friday afternoon and headed for Brittany. He said he had forgotten how his room looked like.

The next school holiday will be during the christmas period. We are staying put for the festive season.