mercredi, mars 29, 2017

La méthode de Singapour

Singapore's method on teaching maths is famous in France. Today I was reading an article about a french mother home schooling her children and for maths, she was using the Singapore method. I briefly read through and thought she bought materials from Singapore.

In the afternoon while A2 was having his karate lesson, I waited outside and saw a mother going through homework with her daughter. She was waiting for her son as well. We chatted and she told me she was using the Singapore method on maths as enrichment material for her daughter. She showed me the book she bought. The title was "Maths Méthode de singapour". I was surprised that the Singapore's method was well recognised and in France, there are books adapted to the different classes.

She explained to me that she had done some research and decided to try the Singapore method as Singapore kids have the best grades on Maths. Maths is explained in a graphical way for the primary school children to understand easily. This intrigued me.

Seb and I do not want to give extra lessons to our children at home as we do not want them to get bored in class. If the boys asked about a subject, we would of course answer him. We do not deny the kids if they want to learn something. However, we do not want to get ahead of school learning. I wonder if I should get these text book and work book for the boys. Should I be a kiasu* parent?

*(of a person) very anxious not to miss an opportunity; grasping.

dimanche, mars 26, 2017

Spring is here.

Spring is here and the trees are alive again. I am always amazed with spring. Barren trees start to bloom once there are a few days of rain followed by a day or two of sunshine. 
This tree is in front of A2's room. Each morning when I rolled up the shutter, we got this lovely sight.

 This other tree is what greets us from the home office. The trees look beautiful. However, once the wind comes, the petals would drop everywhere including our drive way. It is a messy affair trying to clean the ground.

In our garden, the apricot tree is flowering as well. The cherry and apple trees are starting to bud. Chives are shooting out from a corner of the garden. I thought they are gone forever but each spring at the same spot, the chives appear. Just amazing. After so many years in this country, I marvel each time at the beginning of a season. 
Guess it's because I come from a tropical country.

samedi, mars 11, 2017

Chouquettes et Café

A1 comes home after school and does not stay in the after school care since the beginning of the year. My big boy wants to be independant and enjoys the short walk home with some older schoolmates. Since he is having his afternoon tea at home, I am trying to bake twice a week. I want to cut down on store bought cakes and biscuits.

Usually, I make banana cake, chocolate cookies, yogurt cake or crepes.

Recently, I made chouquettes with the Thermomix and the kids loved them. It was easy to make..  
These chouquettes go well with a latte. For Seb's birthday, the family and I bought him a coffee machine. It makes espresso the way my man likes it. 

Seb can make mousse out of milk with this machine. Once a while, I would ask him to prepare me a latte in the afternoon.
 He makes me coffee and I would like to make him vegan chouquettes. I have the receipe, just waiting for inspiration and courage*.

* The last vegan chocolate cake I made was not tasty at all.

jeudi, mars 09, 2017

Sad news for the white rhinoceros

I just read in the news that poachers killed the white rhinoceros Vince in the Thiory zoo. This is the first time poachers committed their crimes in a zoo, in Europe. They managed to get away with one of his horns. Poachers are no longer just confined in Africa. The horns must be so priced that poachers are willing to take the risk to break into the zoo. The population of these animals in the wild are menaced. Now, even the zoos can't protect them.
We have visited this zoo twice and this is such a sad news. :(