mardi, janvier 19, 2010

2010 Quality of Life Index

So, which country tops the quality of life index calculated by International Living.

Yes, it's the country I am living in now.

It seems to me that the scores were calculated fairly. Obviously, I am not so glad that Singapore did not score so well.

That is an extra good reason for my mom to come over here and stay with us. I am so looking forward to Baby A being taken care by his grandmother soon.

vendredi, janvier 15, 2010

Child sick leave

A new year begins; which means I have 3 new days of child sick leave.
In my company, every parent is entitled to 3 days of child sick leave regardless of the number of children in the family. These 3 days are on top of the 6 weeks of paid leave.
But not every company is that good. For Seb, his child sick leave is considered as an urgent paid leave.
During the first winter, babies get sick so easily and in just Nov and Dec, I used up my 3 days allocated in year 2009.
And yesterday, just the beginning of the new year, I consumed a day of child sick leave. I truly hope that I do not have to consume the rest of the two days for a long time to come.

Baby A is fine. Just coughing and having runny nose like me.