mardi, janvier 19, 2010

2010 Quality of Life Index

So, which country tops the quality of life index calculated by International Living.

Yes, it's the country I am living in now.

It seems to me that the scores were calculated fairly. Obviously, I am not so glad that Singapore did not score so well.

That is an extra good reason for my mom to come over here and stay with us. I am so looking forward to Baby A being taken care by his grandmother soon.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Spore scores very very low on freedom, political freedom, free speech, a very strict media controlled by the political party.

Also, scoring very low for infrastructure, overcrowded MRT, demand outstrips supply for public housing in recent years due to high influx of immigrants.

I am glad that the study is not influenced by the political party. Lots of us here cannot wait for the next GE which we know they are trying to postpone as long as they can.

Anyway, a very lovely blog & do enjoy your life in France to the fullest.

Beau Lotus a dit…

While I agree on France, seeing Italy so high up on the list already I know that this index is not very reliable.

Italian media is controlled by Belusconi, which is a feat considering the size of the country compared to tiny Singapore. The mafia controls health, construction, waste disposal, even food distribution. What quality of life?

Overcrowded MRT - better than no MRT. Here in Italy we are having to drive even to buy bread, growing fat, polluting, spending loads of money on cars, petrol, fines and parking - and over there people have much and they still complain.

Paris is wonderful and I know since I've lived there a long time and intra-muros too. But don't we know about strikes and rush-hour crushes too? Get real, big cities are big cities no matter where and Singapore is more comfortable than most of them.

When I look at the public housing here in Europe, I always think fondly of our HDB flats. We have done well and gone far for such a small island with nothing. Nothing to be complacent about and certainly to work on improving and getting better - but I do not understand this vehemence towards the ruling party which while not the best and faultless is certainly nothing to spit on either.