jeudi, juin 25, 2009

The red windmill

Who has not heard of Moulin Rouge in Paris? Knowing that mom will enjoy such show, I got us 2 tickets for an evening of fun and entertainment.

Each evening, there are two shows available. The first at 9pm and the second at 11pm. Dinner is available as an option for the first show. Since mom is not into french food and I don't eat foie gras, we just went for the show. At the table, each person is given half a bottle of champagne.

We reached there early and was seated in the middle of the hall. Though we did not have a close up view, we did have an unblocked view of the whole stage.

The 1hour and 45minutes show was entertaining. Beside dancing and singing, there were also other stage performers like jugglers, acrobats, voice dubbing comedian ... There was not a dull moment.

There was a mixture of topless and non-topless dancers. Not all the doriss girls were well endowed. Some had rather small breasts. But one thing for sure, the ladies all had flat tummy. What an envie!

The beautiful costumes made all dancers looked elegant. There were so many costumes and there were so many actions going on that we had no time to admire all the costumes. Though the ticket did not come cheap, we find the evening enjoyable and think it was worth every penny.

mercredi, juin 24, 2009

The garden at Giverny

After seeing Claude Monet's master pieces at Museum d'Orsay, I had wanted to visit his garden at Giverny. Beside being an impressionist artist, Claude Monet was also a vivid gardener. He had made le jardin de Giverny his subject in some paintings.

With the good weather last wednesday, I drove up to Giverny with my mom and baby A to visit Monet's garden. The garden has two parts. One in the house compound and the other one across the road. The first one is full of flowers while the other one has willow trees, bamboo trees and other green plants surrounding a pond and a little stream.

Mom and I enjoyed the lovely garden. We did not visit the interior of Monet's house as there were stairs and not stroller friendly. Baby A slept throughout the visit except during feeding time. I guess the only thing he saw was the big shady tree where we were resting.

The staff at the garden were friendly. I saw many tourists from England, America, Japan and China. We easily spent more than two hours in the garden though it was not very big. I guess the best time to visit the garden is now though it is open from march to november.

jeudi, juin 18, 2009

Chateau Chambord

Since mom is here, she has not done much sight seeing. Of course, her aim this time round is to take care of her grandson. And having been here 4 times, she has seen the major attractions of Paris. Still, I felt bad for not bringing her around and decided to visit Chateau Chambord togather.

We left early on saturday and after almost 2 hours drive (with a feeding stop for baby A), we arrived just in time for lunch at the domaine. Seb carried the baby in the baby carrier as a pushchair was not convenient with all the stairs in the castle. The entrance fees was 9,50€.

The chateau is famous for its double-helix staircase right in the middle of the hall. It also has lots of huge fireplaces. It is the biggest chateau in the Loire valley (there are many along the river Loire). Mom got all excited when she saw swifts/swallows flying around. She was wondering if there were lots of bird nests around. My mom!
After visiting the chateau, we wanted very much to visit the next pretty chateau, Chateau Chenonceau. However, after stopping along the way to feed baby A, we decided to head back home. It would take us 3 hours to drive back home and it was getting late.

As usual, baby A slept throughout the trip except during feeding time. I came to realise that each time we go out, he would sleep. Mom will be here for another 2 weeks and we are going to make the best out of her remaining stay to visit other things. Stay tune to my blog for more updates.

jeudi, juin 04, 2009

On Bumwear and Sock Ons

I will have to keep this post short. Being a new mom is more than a full time job. I hardly have time to myself despite having my mom around. But as the weeks pass, I am better organised and can squeeze some minutes to consecrate to my blog.

Baby A is growing well. I asked mom to bring some washable diapers and recently started to use these diapers on baby A. I ordered these diapers from Bumwear. It looks bulky and I waited until baby achieved 4kg before trying on him. I only use it on him during the day and when the weather is warm. It is not possible to put a body suit over the bumwear diaper during cold days. These diapers are a long term investments as they can last until baby A is toilet trained. I remembered when I asked Seb what color he preferred, he told me to get 10 of the same color - white. Huh? I got 10 of them in different colors. It would be so boring to only have one color.

In the photo above, baby A is wearing a Bumwear and also Sock Ons. Sock Ons is the little thing that helps to keep baby A's socks on. He is not able to kick out his socks thanks to my neighbour who ordered it from UK.

There are so many innovative baby products out there. So far, I am satisfied with my purchases. I am trying to be reasonable. Tomorrow, we will have to shop for a new pram. The hand-me-down pram is 9 year old and showing signs of wear and tear. Maybe my next post will be on the pram. If you are expecting subjects apart from baby stuff, at the moment, I have nothing else to offer you. I do hope very much to write a post about travels and vacations soon. But that is in my KIV tray......