jeudi, juin 25, 2009

The red windmill

Who has not heard of Moulin Rouge in Paris? Knowing that mom will enjoy such show, I got us 2 tickets for an evening of fun and entertainment.

Each evening, there are two shows available. The first at 9pm and the second at 11pm. Dinner is available as an option for the first show. Since mom is not into french food and I don't eat foie gras, we just went for the show. At the table, each person is given half a bottle of champagne.

We reached there early and was seated in the middle of the hall. Though we did not have a close up view, we did have an unblocked view of the whole stage.

The 1hour and 45minutes show was entertaining. Beside dancing and singing, there were also other stage performers like jugglers, acrobats, voice dubbing comedian ... There was not a dull moment.

There was a mixture of topless and non-topless dancers. Not all the doriss girls were well endowed. Some had rather small breasts. But one thing for sure, the ladies all had flat tummy. What an envie!

The beautiful costumes made all dancers looked elegant. There were so many costumes and there were so many actions going on that we had no time to admire all the costumes. Though the ticket did not come cheap, we find the evening enjoyable and think it was worth every penny.

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