vendredi, juillet 15, 2011

Holidays in Brittany, again.

We came to Brittany on wed as I did not work this wed and fri. Thurs was Bastille day which was French national day. So Seb took 2 days off on wed and fri and drove the whole family to join his parents at the summer house in Brittany.

The weather was sunny for the past 2 days but it had became grey and rains were expected for the next few days. While I thought that there would be no internet, I was happy to know that my father-in-law brought along his modem and we did have an internet connection.
Now that the kids are taking a nap, I do have a chance to surf a little.

Seb's father had been going out to sea with his fishing boat every day. He caught a lobster everyday since we were here. Seb's mother and I shared a lobster for dinner on wed. And since there was one caught yesterday and one this morning, we would have lobsters for dinner again tonight. What a treat. I do hope that he could continue to get one each day cos' I love seafood especially lobster. Seb's father had 2 cages and I was told that we could never find lobster and crab togather in a cage. If there was a lobster in a cage, there won't be any other creatures in it. However, we could find several crabs in one cage. And if a lobster was caught, no crab would be caught at the same time.

I drew the conclusions that lobsters and crabs do not share territory; and lobsters are lonely creatures while crabs stay in groups.

Seb would be leaving tomorrow as he has to work next week. The kids and I will stay for another week before Seb flies back on friday evening to join us. We would then drive back home either on Sat or Sun next week. All this planning because the nanny is on 2 weeks leave and Seb had no leave. Anyway, it is good to have the kids spend time with their grandparents. I could only hope that the weather will clear up so that we can visit the beaches. We do have to find activities to tire out toddler A1.

mardi, juillet 05, 2011

So Parisien

We had another sunny weekend. On Sunday, we headed to the Jardin de Luxembourg. There was a paid playground and we spent an hour and half with toddler A1 running, playing around and having fun.

I could not help take pictures of these Parisiens having picnic on the grass. Green carpet is so rare in Paris that everyone wants a piece of it. It was amusing as more people arrived looking for a piece of green to settle upon.

The deckchairs provided by the park were all occupied. People were basking under the sun. This sight was so Parisien.

We hit 31 degrees today. At the moment, things are looking bright!

dimanche, juillet 03, 2011

The playroom

This is often how it looks at the end of the day.
As Seb said , "That's why it's called a playroom."

Still, we make an effort to tidy it up each evening when possible, either when the kids are sleeping or sometimes getting toddler A 1 to help out. Well, it very much depends on his 2 year old mood in this case.