vendredi, septembre 27, 2013

A1 can cycle like a big guy

At 4 years and 5 months old, he made a milestone in his life. He can cycle on two wheels.
On Saturday, we took off the training wheels. Just before dinner, Seb guided A1 on his bicycle. He practised for about 10minutes before he got upset and came for dinner. He was frustrated at not being able to balance himself and having his dad to remind him to step hard on the pedal to start.
The next day, Seb brought the boys to the park and removed the training wheels there. 20mins later, he called to say that A1 did it. He can cycle on his own, going straight and making a U-turn. I quickly took the camera and went to join them.
I was thrilled to see my boy pedalling away. He can balance himself so well. Seb told me once A1 found his confidence, he was off at lightning speed.

Then came A2 asking to do the same as his brother. We told him he was too young. He just turned 3. I was only expecting A1 to cycle on two wheels next year. I am delighted that he did it earlier. I think the balance bicycle prepared him for this big milestone.

mardi, septembre 24, 2013

A new bag

I got creative though the idea was not at all original. I made a mixed fabric bag for my sister in law. I will give it to her on saturday when we meet for the Sept birthdays celebration.
I made the handle shorter so it would be sorta of a grocery bag. The polka dots fabric was bought in Bangkok by my brother and his wife.
I like this bag so much I thought of keeping it. But well,... so far, I only kept a tote bag I made. I prefer to give my bags to family and friends.

vendredi, septembre 20, 2013

Flowers, artichoke and Mickey DVD

On the first day of school, Seb came home from work and presented us with these. A bouquet of flowers for me and a Mickey Mouse DVD for the children. It was his way of marking this school day. A kind of encouragement to the family.
In the bouquet of flowers were two artichokes. Apparently, they would flower. I did not like those long grass sticking out of the bouquet and cut them off.
Each day, I patiently waited for the artichoke to bloom. Seb saw the flowered artichoke at the florist and told me it was beautiful. So the wait continued long after the other flowers had wilted.
 Almost a week and a half later, here is one of the blooming artichoke. It is pretty indeed. Seb was thinking of buying another bouquet of flowers so that these artichokes would not be too lonely. In the first place, the florist should put in ripe artichokes. These artichokes were small. If not, I would not have waited and instead would cook and eat them.

dimanche, septembre 15, 2013

Another bag for A1

For my birthday, Seb gave me a book on sewing bags for children and adults. It was mainly bag patterns for school children and teenagers.
I was determined to do a bag from this book before I start work tomorrow. Out of the 25 bags pattern, I decided to make a sling bag for A1.
Here is the end product. The author suggested using leather for the whale but in the fabric shop I went to, it sold leather or fake leather at a minimum cut of 50cm by 100cm. That was way too much. In Singapore, I bought some felt materials from Daiso (a $2 shop). So I used felt instead.

This is the back view of the bag with a pocket. 
 The inside of the zipped bag is red. It matches the handles.
I showed A1 and he was happy. He will bring it to school tomorrow. He told me not to do him any more bags as he had enough. He is reasonable. He has a backpack and this hand made bag and he felt he had enough. Few months back, I made him a messager bag but we left it in Singapore.

When A2 saw the bag and the book, he pointed to the bag on the cover and said 'This one is for A1. Me, I want this one.' He was referring to the other bag on the cover. I tried to convince him to pick another design. But he insisted on that. I guess I shall have to make that rocket bag though I do not think it is practical for A2. I have to go back to the fabric shop to get a little yellow fabric. With me starting work, A2's bag will not be done any time soon.

I will post it when it is completed.

mardi, septembre 10, 2013

Seat cushion

I bought two chairs from Ikea for the boys. When A1 saw it, he told me he wanted it to be colourful. So I went to buy two square cushion foams and cut up one to fit the chair. I then sewed up a cushion cover. It was colorful. Fabrics bought from Bangkok by my brother and his wife.
I proudly showed A1 the next morning. He took a look and said 'I want the chair to be colourful. Not this.' pointing to the cushion. He turned and walked off. So this cushion is right now sitting on A2's chair.
Argh.... this 4 years old boy. The other cushion foam is on my work table. I don't think I will do another cover since my effort is not appreciated.
But hey, it does make the chair more colourful right?

jeudi, septembre 05, 2013

The end of SAHM

It is September 2013. This marks the end of my status as a Stay At Home Mother. I have been a SAHM for 18 months. Now that A2 has started school, I no longer receive an allowance from the gouvernment. It would be boring for me to stay at home without the children. Furthermore, my company is waiting for my return.

As I live too far from my workplace, I requested to work from home. I was expecting the worst as it was not my company's policy. However, I am grateful that my bosses accept it. There are conditions and I do have to go to office every monday. I will continue to work part time 80%. This means I would be working 7hours a day, 4 days a week.

This works out well for me. On Monday, Seb would put the kids to school and I will fetch them from the after school care latest by 6.30pm. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, either Seb or I will drop the kids at school. School starts at 9am but the school gates are open 10mins before. I can drop them at 8.50am and then start work at 9am as the school is only a few minutes walk from home. When I finish work at 5pm, I will go fetch the kids. They end at 4.30pm and would only stay back for half an hour at the after school care. Furthermore, they would have their afternoon snack time there.

I start work in a week's time and am feeling excited. My brain is rusty and I hope I can pick up fast where I left off.

The past 18 months had been a great time. There were difficult moments and sweet moments taking care of A2 full time; our puppy who is turning 1 soon; being bed ridden because of a back fracture; having my mother here for nearly 2 months and the boys and I going to Singapore for that long too. I joined gym STEP in the village. I got to know a lot of mothers and neighbours and a few even became friends.

I like this chapter of my life. It has come to an end but it is a good ending. I still have my job. :)

mardi, septembre 03, 2013

New school term

Today school opens for 2013/2014. A1 is going to the Moyenne section (middle class) and A2 will join his brother in school for the first time. He will be in the Petite section (small class).
As the village school is small, the boys will be in the same class with the same teacher.
I prepared their bags yesterday and A2 was so excited to have a school bag that he carried it the whole day. Even when we went to the park. Once he woke up in the morning, he asked for his school bag.
Here the boys were showing me their school bags.
And here's a photo of the boys walking to school. A2 cried when we were leaving. But I am sure with his brother around, he would settle down very fast. A1 was happy to see his friends.
They are such big boys now. Makes me smile just looking at the photo above.

lundi, septembre 02, 2013

More bags

I rushed and made bags and zipped pouches before heading Singapore two months ago. Then we spent almost two months in Singapore. That explained my silence in this blog.
I love the size of the tote bag and this bag is really simple to make. I had made a few for family and friends in Singapore. I kept the last one for my own usage because I love the colors.
For the blue bag, I made two. One like the size of the beach bag which I made for my mother in law and the other one smaller. The flower print bags, I made two too.
For my birthday in June, Seb gave me a book about sewing school bags. I will try to get one done before I start working in mid Sept. By then, I will surely have less time for my sewing hobby.

Tell me if you like my bag.