mardi, septembre 10, 2013

Seat cushion

I bought two chairs from Ikea for the boys. When A1 saw it, he told me he wanted it to be colourful. So I went to buy two square cushion foams and cut up one to fit the chair. I then sewed up a cushion cover. It was colorful. Fabrics bought from Bangkok by my brother and his wife.
I proudly showed A1 the next morning. He took a look and said 'I want the chair to be colourful. Not this.' pointing to the cushion. He turned and walked off. So this cushion is right now sitting on A2's chair.
Argh.... this 4 years old boy. The other cushion foam is on my work table. I don't think I will do another cover since my effort is not appreciated.
But hey, it does make the chair more colourful right?

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