vendredi, septembre 27, 2013

A1 can cycle like a big guy

At 4 years and 5 months old, he made a milestone in his life. He can cycle on two wheels.
On Saturday, we took off the training wheels. Just before dinner, Seb guided A1 on his bicycle. He practised for about 10minutes before he got upset and came for dinner. He was frustrated at not being able to balance himself and having his dad to remind him to step hard on the pedal to start.
The next day, Seb brought the boys to the park and removed the training wheels there. 20mins later, he called to say that A1 did it. He can cycle on his own, going straight and making a U-turn. I quickly took the camera and went to join them.
I was thrilled to see my boy pedalling away. He can balance himself so well. Seb told me once A1 found his confidence, he was off at lightning speed.

Then came A2 asking to do the same as his brother. We told him he was too young. He just turned 3. I was only expecting A1 to cycle on two wheels next year. I am delighted that he did it earlier. I think the balance bicycle prepared him for this big milestone.

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