lundi, septembre 02, 2013

More bags

I rushed and made bags and zipped pouches before heading Singapore two months ago. Then we spent almost two months in Singapore. That explained my silence in this blog.
I love the size of the tote bag and this bag is really simple to make. I had made a few for family and friends in Singapore. I kept the last one for my own usage because I love the colors.
For the blue bag, I made two. One like the size of the beach bag which I made for my mother in law and the other one smaller. The flower print bags, I made two too.
For my birthday in June, Seb gave me a book about sewing school bags. I will try to get one done before I start working in mid Sept. By then, I will surely have less time for my sewing hobby.

Tell me if you like my bag.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

waaa, nice! especially the floral print. will you be able to sew soft leather in the same design? i think that will also be cool. (KC)

MomiJJ a dit…

I love the little bag you gave me. It is now with me everywhere and I can wash it when it is dirty. Thank you for the lovely gift.

sohcool a dit…

Hi MomiJJ, I am glad it is of good use. Happy that you love it.
From MomiAA.