lundi, avril 30, 2007

Headlines: They make you think what they want you to believe

Two reports with about the same information but presented in slightly different ways.
Even the headlines aim at different directions.

So I gathered that employment and unemployment rise at the same time. *scratch head* Can someone please explain to me if I understand that correctly? ;)

Singapore's Unemployment Rate Rises

Employment rises by 48,000 in January-March quarter: MOM

samedi, avril 21, 2007

French presidential election

The title is a trick. French presidential election is indeed tomorrow. However, I am not writing anything about it. After my last blog, I started to search about Singapore politics. I invite you to check out two banned in Singapore movies about two people in Singapore. It is really interesting what we can find nowadays with these Google video and YouTube thingy.

Singapore Rebel (26 mins):

Zahari's 17 Years (49 mins):

Before ending, let me test you with a simple question. Who is the longest serving political prisoner after Nelson Mandela? No idea? Click here to find out the answer.

mardi, avril 10, 2007

If you give peanuts, you get monkeys.

Read that Singapore government is going to have a big pay increment.

So, do they deserve it?

Extracts from CNN
Finland, for instance, beat Singapore in the WEF and Transparency International polls -- as second-most competitive and most corruption-free country -- but its Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen earns about a sixth of Lee's estimated salary.

But Lee Kuan Yew -- modern Singapore's first prime minister, who is still the leading voice in his son's cabinet -- will have none of it.
"The cure to all this talk is really a good dose of incompetent government," Lee senior told the Straits Times on Thursday, adding that it is "absurd" for Singaporeans to quarrel about ministerial pay and warned that Singapore would suffer it the government could not pay competitive salaries.
"Your security will be at risk and our women will become maids in other people's countries," he said.

lundi, avril 02, 2007

600€ cash

Let me pick up where I left off from my last entry. So while I was writing on Saturday, Seb was at the airport waiting for his flight to Boston.

At 10.30am, he left for the airport and I started to do housework. After an hour and a half, he called and said that the plane was overbooked and he and his colleagues were encouraged to fly off a day later. As compensation, they were each given two options; 600€ cash or 800€ Air France voucher valid for a year. Well, he took the first option and while waiting for his return, my mind was going through the list of things that we could buy with this windfall. In the end, we decided to replace our digital camera that recently broke down. In the afternoon, we went on a shopping spree. It was great for me as I have my husband for an extra day and got a free digital camera among other things.

What a day to end off March 2007, isn't it?