lundi, avril 02, 2007

600€ cash

Let me pick up where I left off from my last entry. So while I was writing on Saturday, Seb was at the airport waiting for his flight to Boston.

At 10.30am, he left for the airport and I started to do housework. After an hour and a half, he called and said that the plane was overbooked and he and his colleagues were encouraged to fly off a day later. As compensation, they were each given two options; 600€ cash or 800€ Air France voucher valid for a year. Well, he took the first option and while waiting for his return, my mind was going through the list of things that we could buy with this windfall. In the end, we decided to replace our digital camera that recently broke down. In the afternoon, we went on a shopping spree. It was great for me as I have my husband for an extra day and got a free digital camera among other things.

What a day to end off March 2007, isn't it?

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