lundi, mai 28, 2012

Scooter and motos

These are the scooter and motos we have at home. One too many for 2 boys. When A1 was little and starting to walk, we bought him the scooter which could be converted into a walker. When A2 started to walk, we bought A1 a red moto so that he could give the scooter to his brother. Then A2 started to fight with his brother over the red moto, we bought an even bigger moto for A1. What a mistake. This new addition is too big for our appartment. A1 cannot turn smoothly in his big motobike along the coridor.
I wanted to get rid of the scooter but the 2 boys still use it now and then. At least, there is no fight over the motobikes and scooter now.

vendredi, mai 25, 2012

Dilated fundus examination

In France, we had to consult an ophthalmologist to have our eyes check before going to a optical shop to have the glasses made. The last time I consulted one, she recommended me to do a dilated fundus examination once every two years because I wore glasses. Recently, I did it. Half an hour before the examination, I had to drip eye drops to dilate the pupils. It made my vision blur for 3 hours. I was not able to read anything. The result was good. There was no tear found on the inner surface of the eyes. The best thing was everything as usual was paid by social security and my mutuelle. Vive la France.

lundi, mai 21, 2012

Disney Studios

Here we were again at Disney with Lu and his mum. This time round, we stayed almost a whole day. We even watched the 4.30pm parade of cars with Disney characters.

For the first attraction, we went to Playhouse Disney Live! We had the front row but after a few minutes of waiting, A1 insisted on leaving. He started to cry and I had no choice but to leave our friends behind. We could not understand what made A1 so upset as he had already seen the show last year. Maybe there were too many people and I guess he hated crowds.

We had lunch after that and he had chicken nuggets and fries. The last time we came, he did not even want to touch them nor the burgers. I had since made chicken nuggets at home so that they won't be strangers when we visited fastfood places.

After lunch, we took a studio tram tour to discover the secrets behind the magic. We saw props used in movies and experienced an earthquake with water gushing down on us. We also saw the ruins of London after a big disaster. It was a pleasant ride.


We walked around Toyland and were deciding which ride to try when A1 got upset. He might have been frightened by the moving dog and started calling for his dad. I had a hard time calming him down.

Ended up, we went to watch the Motos Stunt Show. This time round, it was Lu's mum who calmed down A1 when he saw the crowd. The stuntmen did a great job and we enjoyed the show. There was even Flash McQueen and Lu asked for the red car to return when the show was over.

By then, it was already time for the parade. The Disney characters came out in big american cars and they all looked so cheerful. I felt like a kid. After the parade, we went to watch Animagique and by then, A1 was so tired he was shutting his eyes while waiting for the show to start. He was no longer afraid or upset in the dark. After the show, we headed home and my dear boy slept in the train journey all the way home.

We will return to Disney in Sept as the tickets I bought during promotion entitled us 2 visits. So far, A1 had not visited Disneyland yet. We had intended to visit the 2 parks but even this small Disney Studio took all day. Maybe the next time. . . .

mercredi, mai 16, 2012

First Aid Refresher course

A year has passed since I attended my first aid course. In order to have my first aider card valid, I need to take a refresher's course a year after. So we were back in the training room and facing the same trainer.
It was great to have this refresher course cos' I had forgotten some of the basic things. We went through each scenario and the trainer asked questions and we tried to answer them with demonstrations. 

Last year after the training, I told myself to equip the house and car with first aid kits. Well, I had to admit that I had not done that. So, after this refresher course, I went immediately to the pharmacy and bought a first aid kit. I split the bandages of all sizes and compresses into two bags. One for the car and one for home. As there were scissors at home, I left the one provided in the car. I bought a survival cover (the kind fire fighters give to accident victims to wrap themselves for warmth).
The outstanding things I do need to get is 2 pairs of tweezers, a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and extra reflective jackets for the car.

Have you equip yourself with a first aid kit at home and in your car? We never know when accidents will happen. Let's just be prepared.

lundi, mai 14, 2012

Big fire near my office

Today when I came back to office after lunch, I noticed that it was hazy outside. The silly me thought that the windows were foggy. I looked out and noticed that there was smoke coming from the left. In less than a few minutes, the greyish smoke mushroomed into a huge black smoke. Fire could even be seen. The photo below was taken from the window behind my desk.

This photo was taken at the front of my office building. We were on the 6th floor and the smoke was impressive. It was a BMW motocycle showroom that was in flames. The smell of tyres were strong though the fire was 2 buildings away.  

The fire fighters came within minutes and the road was blocked. After 15 minutes, the smoke grew thicker. We thought it was safer to join the crowd on the ground floor. There were many fire vehicles. A command post was set up just in front of my office parking. When the wind changed direction and smoke came towards us, we decided it was better to stay in office. We went up and tried our best to concentrate on work.

After an hour or so, the fire was put out but the fire fighters continued to splash water. By 5pm, the roads were still blocked. Just 5 minutes before I quitted office, the tent was finally removed and instead of turning right, I had to drive in the opposite direction to get to the junction. 

It was impressive to see the action and thankfully the showroom was closed when the fire broke out. I will check on the news but I doubt there was any injury.

vendredi, mai 11, 2012

Balance bicycle

For A1's third birthday, we bought him a balance bicycle. It was a bicycle with no pedals. We called it the draisienne (french) and prior to writing this post, I checked internet for its english name and found this rather interesting name 'dandy horse'. It was the first balance bicycle.

We got this as he was too small for a normal bicycle. This was supposed to help him learn his balance and steering. He took to it like a fish in water. With warmer weather coming, he won't leave home without it when we head for the park.

lundi, mai 07, 2012

Indoor park

On these rainy days, we were limited in our choice of parks. So here we were, spending a weekend in Chartres and brought the boys to the indoor park. They had fun in the balls pool.
This place is much smaller than the one near our home. And the structure is too high for A1. Guess that would be the first and last visit.

A1 loved jumping into the pool while A2 preferred to take it slowly since he was shorter.

mardi, mai 01, 2012

A1's 3rd birthday celebration

Last sunday, we invited friends over to celebrate A1's birthday. I made a yoghurt cake and pasted a Barbapapa edible image which I ordered online. A1 was all excited when he woke up from his nap and saw Barbapapa everywhere from tablecloth to papercups.
Nadia came with Lukas and A1 and Lukas were happily playing togather making lots of noise. A1's laughter filled the living room and at times we had to ask the boys to quiet down and play elsewhere. Lukas is really his buddy.

Anca and family came late but Matteo warmed up easily and was exploring the kids' rooms. Here was A2 showing his friend how to get up on the rocking horse.
 A photo of the boys in A1's room.
Other than the birthday cake, I baked a olive, feta and sun-dried tomatoe cake. Baking is starting to get into me. Among the 5 adults, we drank 2 bottles of champagne and had a good time catching up while the boys played around. A1 was really happy to receive more presents. He must think that his birthday is a month long. We will most probably celebrate it again with his grandparents in mid May. More presents coming. .