mercredi, mai 16, 2012

First Aid Refresher course

A year has passed since I attended my first aid course. In order to have my first aider card valid, I need to take a refresher's course a year after. So we were back in the training room and facing the same trainer.
It was great to have this refresher course cos' I had forgotten some of the basic things. We went through each scenario and the trainer asked questions and we tried to answer them with demonstrations. 

Last year after the training, I told myself to equip the house and car with first aid kits. Well, I had to admit that I had not done that. So, after this refresher course, I went immediately to the pharmacy and bought a first aid kit. I split the bandages of all sizes and compresses into two bags. One for the car and one for home. As there were scissors at home, I left the one provided in the car. I bought a survival cover (the kind fire fighters give to accident victims to wrap themselves for warmth).
The outstanding things I do need to get is 2 pairs of tweezers, a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket and extra reflective jackets for the car.

Have you equip yourself with a first aid kit at home and in your car? We never know when accidents will happen. Let's just be prepared.

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Sizzling LEO a dit…

For some of the professional like doctors, nurses, lifeguards, child care persons etc it is mandatory to be first air trained. Also all educational institutions, hospitals and child care centers etc should nominate their staff in turns to undertake first aid training.

Ever Safe Singapore a dit…

This is a very thorough article. Thank you for sharing this information on First Aid Course.