mardi, avril 20, 2010


I sponsored a girl in Thailand since 3 years. I joined this sponsorship program created by a french humanitaire organisation. I came to know this organisation through a church concert.

Each month, I donated a sum for the schooling of my girl. In school, she would have lunch and stationery provided. She would learn to read and write. My girl's name was Aom. Her parents lived in a slum nearby Bangkok. She had a younger brother and a younger sister. Her father was an odd job worker and her mum sold noodles.

Other than donating money, I also communicated with her. We would write to each other. As Aom was about 6 years old when I started to sponsor her, it was the center's staff who often wrote on her behalf. Aom did drew pictures for me and I sent her postcards and stickers.

Once she drew my son after knowing that I had a boy. It was so sweet of her.

Recently, I received a call from the organiser in France. She informed me that Aom had moved. I knew in the previous 2 letters that her parents had divorced. It was difficult for Aom's mother to take care of her 3 children alone thus, she decided to move to North Thailand to be with her family. I was surprised to get this call and even shed tears. I lost contact with my girl forever as we had no idea where she moved to. I thought I could sponsor her until she graduated and maybe even visit her a day. After all, Bangkok is not that far from Singapore.

I decided to take up a new girl. This time, a girl from Philippines was proposed to me. I do hope that I can visit her one day. And that she will benefit from this program.

I hope I made a difference in Aom's life for the past 3 years.

dimanche, avril 18, 2010


Each time I had overseas visitors, I would bring them to rue des Rosiers if time permits. There, we would grab a falafel and so far, none of my visitors were disappointed.

Last week, Diana and Bey came visiting after extending their Europe tour. It was great having them as mom cooked lots and we all enjoyed her food. It was always easier to cook for several people than just a few. Seb even made a rabbit stew that truly impressed Diana.

On Sunday, the places opened in Paris were limited and our favourite hunt was Marais. The streets around rue des Rosiers were mainly occupied by the Jews during the WWII period. Here, you could still see Jews in their traditional costumes. And just along this street, there were a few Jewish eateries.

The queue for a take away falafel was always long. For 5€, we had a pita bread filled with salad, fried eggplant, humus and chickpeas balls. It was overflowing with ingredients. Even my mother enjoyed it with the free helping of chilli sauce.

If you have the chance, visit this street before it lost its charms forever to the hippy boutiques pushing up like mushrooms.

samedi, avril 17, 2010

Egg Hunt

Easter was Baby A's first egg hunt at his grandparents'. As Baby A was not walking yet, it was his dad who carried him around. And as Baby A had no idea what to look for, it was his dad searching for the eggs.
There was a tricky one perched high up and even Baby A's cousins did not see it. So of course, it was picked up by Baby A's helper, his dad.

The kids were told that they had to divide their loots equally even if one found more than the others. Baby A had his share and since he was not eating chocolate, we gave some back to his cousins. I still had a basket of them in my living room.

Baby A however did chew off a little of the red aluminium package of a chocolate egg. We had to force it out and he was very upset by it. Granny appeased him by giving him just a tiny little bit of chocolate. Let's see if next year, our boy can hunt the eggs on his own and eat them in moderation.

jeudi, avril 08, 2010

Coming soon in Oct

Today, he is 9cm tall and weighs 110grams.
We are waiting excitedly to see him in Oct.

samedi, avril 03, 2010

Green Garden and Melati

Almost each time we go Chinatown for grocery, we would have lunch at Green Garden. Green Garden serves chinese vegetarian food and we always enjoy the food there. We usually order the stir-fried aubergines with basilic.
The last time we were there, which was the first time for my mom, she bought some frozen mock chicken drumsticks.

A week later, she cooked them with the real ones. Are you able to tell which are for Seb and which are for us, the meat eaters? Seb enjoyed them alot though my mom and I found the mock chicken drumsticks tasting more like mutton than chicken.

Speaking of food, I was recently in London for work and was introduced to a Malaysian restuarant in Soho area. The place was called Melati and it served mock meat dishes as well. I had satay as starters followed by laksa. The satay were really good. If I do get to go there again, I would try the roti canai and nasi lemak.

Blog wise, I am on the slow side as work and baby A are keeping me busy. Tomorrow, we are heading to Chartres for Easter egg picking in the garden. Baby A is not walking yet nor does he eat chocolate, but well, I hope he will have fun being with his older cousins in the search for eggs.