vendredi, octobre 30, 2015

Recycle my hair

Many years back, a friend posted on her FB page that she had donated her hair to to make wigs for cancer patients who were losing their hair.

This beautiful gesture left a deep impression on me. Two years back, I decided to grow my hair long and donate it too. The min length is 25cm. With the cold days coming, I dread washing my hair and drying it with hair dryer. It took a long time to blow dry my hair.

I tried to keep my hair as long as possible though I knew since 2 months back that it had reached 25cm.  Two days ago, I cut my hair. It measured about 35cm at its longest. I went to the hairdresser and had my hair washed and dried properly before tying them into two ponytails. The hairdresser then snipped off the ponytails and I put them in a ziplock bag.
Now, I safekeep my hair in the drawer until I go back Singapore to recycle it. I am again keeping my hair long.....

jeudi, octobre 29, 2015

Autumn forest

Autumn is here and the trees are dropping their colorful leaves. We often cycled in the forest on weekends and the last time, we decided to take another trail. There were mushrooms popping up here and there. The mushroom pickers had already harvested the edible ones. So I told the boys to look and leave these mushrooms alone. 
I love cycling with the family and the dog on a lovely sunny autumn day.

mercredi, octobre 07, 2015

Valloire village festival

On the last night at Valloire during our summer holidays, it was the village festival. Once dusk arrived, a procession of decorated tractors strolled slowly into town. It was a sight for us, the Singaporeans and my boys. 
The villagers used their low budget creativity to come up with interesting decoration.There was music playing from most tractors-pulled wagons and local delights were handed out for tasting. The atmosphere was more than friendly, it was familial. A passing boy took out sweets from his pockets and gave some to A1 and A2.

 After the procession, we headed to a big tent for some traditional music and dance of this region. It was entertaining.
The highlight for that night was fireworks set off with the mountains as the backdrop. Just beautiful. What a treat we had to make this holiday unforgettable.