mardi, juin 21, 2016

My birthday surprise

Last Saturday, we invited the family to come celebrate my 40th birthday with me. It was also the school's year end celebration. We asked Seb's parents to attend the boys' performance at 10.30am.

At 10am, Seb told me his parents were arriving with a surprise for me and asked me to stay in my room. A few minutes later, his father came to get me and asked me to sit on the dining chair with my eyes closed. He passed me an arm and I could tell that it was A1's. Then he passed me another arm and I knew it was Seb's. He passed me the third arm and I was taken aback. I thought of my mother yet at the same time, I knew it was not possible. I muttered that I did not know. I then opened my eyes and there she was, my mother. My head was going like 'This is a dream.' We hugged and it was so good. This was the best surprise Seb had given me.

My in-laws had fetched my mother at the airport on friday morning and she had stayed with them until sat. Seb had this planned since a few months and my family in Singapore was telling me after how they were afraid to let the cat out of the bag during our communication via Whatsapp. My mother was sure that I had suspected a thing or two. I told her I had no clue at all. We had chatted on the phone on wed and she told me she might be going on a long weekend trip to Malaysia with her friends, in case I called her after.

We hurried to watch the boys performed with songs and dance followed by a funfair. We stayed until noon before heading for lunch at a nearby restaurant with Seb's family. My dear husband knows how to surprise me beyond my imagination. My father-in-law had a good sense of humor presenting me the surprise. It was so kind of my in-laws to host my mother for a day despite the language barrier.  I am so thrilled to have my mother in France for my birthday. This is the best birthday present. I am blessed to have such a loving, thoughtful family.

mercredi, juin 15, 2016

Expensive street food

In Copenhagen, we ate well at a price. An open sandwich cost more than a sandwich in Paris. 

During our trip, we made our way to the Street Food Market on Paper Island. I read on the internet it was expensive street food and it was true. The concept of street food is not new in Asia but in Western Europe, I seldom see food court of this style. 

The Street Food Market is indoor with food trucks selling a choice of international street food. We had a good lunch there. The atmosphere is relax and casual. If you go, do a round of all the food trucks before deciding what to get. Not an easy choice. The sweet potatoe fries we had were very very good. Visit the toilets as they are interesting but I did not use it.  

Love the text "Skinny people are easy to kidnap. Stay safe, eat cake."

dimanche, juin 05, 2016

I love you to the galaxy le plus loin and back

A2 used to say 'I love you to the sun and back.' when he realised that the sun is further away from the moon. We read 'Guess how much I love you' and enjoyed big rabbit telling little rabbit that he loved him to the moon and back.

When  A2 learnt that the solar system is in the galaxy, he surprised me one day with 'I love you to the galaxy le plus loin and back.' 'Le plus loin' in french means the furthest. My boy loves me to the furthest galaxy and back. Wow. I am so touched. He told me this again this morning.

At 5 years and three quarter, this boy does know how to melt his mother's heart. An extra melting point is that he is speaking to me in english (with his best effort).