dimanche, juin 05, 2016

I love you to the galaxy le plus loin and back

A2 used to say 'I love you to the sun and back.' when he realised that the sun is further away from the moon. We read 'Guess how much I love you' and enjoyed big rabbit telling little rabbit that he loved him to the moon and back.

When  A2 learnt that the solar system is in the galaxy, he surprised me one day with 'I love you to the galaxy le plus loin and back.' 'Le plus loin' in french means the furthest. My boy loves me to the furthest galaxy and back. Wow. I am so touched. He told me this again this morning.

At 5 years and three quarter, this boy does know how to melt his mother's heart. An extra melting point is that he is speaking to me in english (with his best effort).

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