mercredi, juin 15, 2016

Expensive street food

In Copenhagen, we ate well at a price. An open sandwich cost more than a sandwich in Paris. 

During our trip, we made our way to the Street Food Market on Paper Island. I read on the internet it was expensive street food and it was true. The concept of street food is not new in Asia but in Western Europe, I seldom see food court of this style. 

The Street Food Market is indoor with food trucks selling a choice of international street food. We had a good lunch there. The atmosphere is relax and casual. If you go, do a round of all the food trucks before deciding what to get. Not an easy choice. The sweet potatoe fries we had were very very good. Visit the toilets as they are interesting but I did not use it.  

Love the text "Skinny people are easy to kidnap. Stay safe, eat cake."

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