jeudi, juin 20, 2013

Father's day gift

After mother's day comes father's day. A1 made this pens holder at school. Seb loves it and it is now sitting on the computer desk. Right beside me while I type away.
The gifts for both mother's and father's days' are made from recycled materials. This pens holder is a yogurt pot sitting on a cut out calendar board and decorated with used coffee capsules.

Come September, A2 will go to school. He will be in the same class as A1 as the class is made of small section and middle section. A1 will be promoted to the middle section. I wonder will I receive the same presents from the boys since they will have the same teacher. We shall see that in a year's time.

mercredi, juin 19, 2013

Zipped pouches

I took up the courage and worked on zips. My first zipped pouch was for my mother in law to go with her beach bag. It was not difficult to work with zip as I feared. I do have to improve on sewing the ends to make them neater.
After the first pouch, I made another one. I just love the polka dots fabric. It was left over from my days of making five stones. This pouch is meant as a gift for a friend's birthday.
I am crazy over sewing. I made a tote bag for my mum. The size is just nice to use for marketing. I am sticking to making tote bags for the moment. I do have to rush a few before my trip to Singapore. People are requesting for them.

mercredi, juin 05, 2013

Beach bag

Finally, I made a beach bag for my mother-in-law. She requested for one when I received my sewing machine. I made this just in time before she heads for the summer house in Brittany for the summer. I hope she will like the color.
This is a simple tote bag with two pockets inside. I had a few hiccups while sewing the bag. Good thing my mum was around and gave me good advise on how to cover up my mistakes or redo without costing much time.  

This bag measures about 45cm by 55cm. It should be big enough for 2 beach towels.

mardi, juin 04, 2013

Neuschwanstein Castle

Since we drove to Munich from France, we took the opportunity to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle was 123km from Munich. Nicole joined us and helped to reserve the tickets.
The castle only allows guided visit. Good thing Nicole bought the tickets online as the queue at the ticketing office was very long. We arrived an hour in advance for our guided tour. We grabbed a quick lunch. The kids' grandmother bought them each an ice ceam.
The weather was fine that day. That was essential.

We took a bus up to the castle grounds. It took 5 mins instead of a 45mins hike up. From the Marienbrücke (Marie's bridge), we had a good bird eye's view of the castle.

The guided tour lasted 35mins. It was rather rush as there were tours every 5 minutes due to the crowd. So one could not stay long to admire the beauty of the rooms. The view from the castle windows were enchanting. We looked out to steep cliffs and mountains. Very romantic and breathe taking.

After the visit, we took the horse carriage back down. We then drove back to Munich. But not before buying the kids each a knight on a horse from the souvenir shop. A1 is into knights and dragons at the moment.
This castle is worth a visit if you happen to be in the Bavarian area.