dimanche, avril 18, 2010


Each time I had overseas visitors, I would bring them to rue des Rosiers if time permits. There, we would grab a falafel and so far, none of my visitors were disappointed.

Last week, Diana and Bey came visiting after extending their Europe tour. It was great having them as mom cooked lots and we all enjoyed her food. It was always easier to cook for several people than just a few. Seb even made a rabbit stew that truly impressed Diana.

On Sunday, the places opened in Paris were limited and our favourite hunt was Marais. The streets around rue des Rosiers were mainly occupied by the Jews during the WWII period. Here, you could still see Jews in their traditional costumes. And just along this street, there were a few Jewish eateries.

The queue for a take away falafel was always long. For 5€, we had a pita bread filled with salad, fried eggplant, humus and chickpeas balls. It was overflowing with ingredients. Even my mother enjoyed it with the free helping of chilli sauce.

If you have the chance, visit this street before it lost its charms forever to the hippy boutiques pushing up like mushrooms.

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