mardi, avril 20, 2010


I sponsored a girl in Thailand since 3 years. I joined this sponsorship program created by a french humanitaire organisation. I came to know this organisation through a church concert.

Each month, I donated a sum for the schooling of my girl. In school, she would have lunch and stationery provided. She would learn to read and write. My girl's name was Aom. Her parents lived in a slum nearby Bangkok. She had a younger brother and a younger sister. Her father was an odd job worker and her mum sold noodles.

Other than donating money, I also communicated with her. We would write to each other. As Aom was about 6 years old when I started to sponsor her, it was the center's staff who often wrote on her behalf. Aom did drew pictures for me and I sent her postcards and stickers.

Once she drew my son after knowing that I had a boy. It was so sweet of her.

Recently, I received a call from the organiser in France. She informed me that Aom had moved. I knew in the previous 2 letters that her parents had divorced. It was difficult for Aom's mother to take care of her 3 children alone thus, she decided to move to North Thailand to be with her family. I was surprised to get this call and even shed tears. I lost contact with my girl forever as we had no idea where she moved to. I thought I could sponsor her until she graduated and maybe even visit her a day. After all, Bangkok is not that far from Singapore.

I decided to take up a new girl. This time, a girl from Philippines was proposed to me. I do hope that I can visit her one day. And that she will benefit from this program.

I hope I made a difference in Aom's life for the past 3 years.

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I am sure you did.