lundi, mai 28, 2012

Scooter and motos

These are the scooter and motos we have at home. One too many for 2 boys. When A1 was little and starting to walk, we bought him the scooter which could be converted into a walker. When A2 started to walk, we bought A1 a red moto so that he could give the scooter to his brother. Then A2 started to fight with his brother over the red moto, we bought an even bigger moto for A1. What a mistake. This new addition is too big for our appartment. A1 cannot turn smoothly in his big motobike along the coridor.
I wanted to get rid of the scooter but the 2 boys still use it now and then. At least, there is no fight over the motobikes and scooter now.

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