lundi, mai 14, 2012

Big fire near my office

Today when I came back to office after lunch, I noticed that it was hazy outside. The silly me thought that the windows were foggy. I looked out and noticed that there was smoke coming from the left. In less than a few minutes, the greyish smoke mushroomed into a huge black smoke. Fire could even be seen. The photo below was taken from the window behind my desk.

This photo was taken at the front of my office building. We were on the 6th floor and the smoke was impressive. It was a BMW motocycle showroom that was in flames. The smell of tyres were strong though the fire was 2 buildings away.  

The fire fighters came within minutes and the road was blocked. After 15 minutes, the smoke grew thicker. We thought it was safer to join the crowd on the ground floor. There were many fire vehicles. A command post was set up just in front of my office parking. When the wind changed direction and smoke came towards us, we decided it was better to stay in office. We went up and tried our best to concentrate on work.

After an hour or so, the fire was put out but the fire fighters continued to splash water. By 5pm, the roads were still blocked. Just 5 minutes before I quitted office, the tent was finally removed and instead of turning right, I had to drive in the opposite direction to get to the junction. 

It was impressive to see the action and thankfully the showroom was closed when the fire broke out. I will check on the news but I doubt there was any injury.

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