mardi, mai 01, 2012

A1's 3rd birthday celebration

Last sunday, we invited friends over to celebrate A1's birthday. I made a yoghurt cake and pasted a Barbapapa edible image which I ordered online. A1 was all excited when he woke up from his nap and saw Barbapapa everywhere from tablecloth to papercups.
Nadia came with Lukas and A1 and Lukas were happily playing togather making lots of noise. A1's laughter filled the living room and at times we had to ask the boys to quiet down and play elsewhere. Lukas is really his buddy.

Anca and family came late but Matteo warmed up easily and was exploring the kids' rooms. Here was A2 showing his friend how to get up on the rocking horse.
 A photo of the boys in A1's room.
Other than the birthday cake, I baked a olive, feta and sun-dried tomatoe cake. Baking is starting to get into me. Among the 5 adults, we drank 2 bottles of champagne and had a good time catching up while the boys played around. A1 was really happy to receive more presents. He must think that his birthday is a month long. We will most probably celebrate it again with his grandparents in mid May. More presents coming. .

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