jeudi, avril 26, 2012

A new challenge

After many months of hesitation, I had finally decided to take that big step. OK. Seb and I made that decision together. I am going to be a SAHM (stay at home mother)..... for a year and half.
I might shock some SAHM mothers but I enjoyed working and having Ah Yi to take care of the boys. I am doing part time so I do spend 50% of the time with them. At the end of the day at home, I am more tired than at work. Futhermore, Ah Yi takes good care of the boys and the boys are learning chinese from her.
Being a SAHM makes me nervous. Will I turn dull? A few pull factors made me take the big leap. Because the boys are getting cuter and it is such a joy to spend time with them. And we are moving to a house and I want to spend time decorating it and do a vegetable plot in a corner of the garden. I want to learn to sew and bake and cook better. Most of all, the government policy allows me to do so.
ALL women or men who have 2 kids or more can take parental leave until the age of three of the last kid and be given an allowance. There are some conditions like a min work period in the company etc...
I am benefiting a few hundreds euros from the CAF (Caisses d'Allocations Familiales) for working 80%. This means I do not work every wed and alternate friday.
If I do take full leave, I would get half a thousand euros from the CAF. This is what I am going to do. We will miss Ah Yi a lot as we would no longer need her service.
Financially wise, there will be an decrease in income but we will be alright since we won't have to pay Ah Yi. Her salary takes a big chunk out of my pay.
Come June, I will be staying at home with the kids. I will have to crack my mind on what to cook for each meal, where to bring them to to play, what language to talk to them in.
My goal is for the kids and I to enjoy this period. After all, it is temporary. Until the age of 17 months, A1 had 100% attention from us. A2 never had this priviledge.  A1 is starting school in Sept so I can have one to one time with A2.
My company is waiting for my return in Sept 2013 when A2 goes to school. I will have time to decide if I want to be a SAHM forever....
Wish me luck and all advise and tips are welcome!

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Anonyme a dit…

I think that's a wonderful prospect. You get to be a SAHM for a while and there's still the job available to you 18 months later. I would grab the chance. Best of both worlds. (KC)

sohcool a dit…

Thanks for your encouragement. Another plus is that govt helps me financially. Not my total pay but a lot more than what Sg govt would be willing to give. Even with Sg's low fertility rates, I doubt this policy will ever be implemented.
Vive la France!

Idy a dit…

I am sure you will have a fruitful new challenge! All the best!

MomiJJ a dit…

Ashley, it is a good decision and the family will benefit so much from it. France is really a family pro country. Unless Singapore, no matter what policy they came out, it is still not as good as the western country.