dimanche, avril 22, 2012

Aquarium de Paris

To celebrate A1's birthday, we headed to Aquarium de Paris to look at fishes. Most tourists do not know or may not be interested to know but there is an aquarium in Paris just in front of Eiffel Tower.
The Eiffel tower is taken by the side of the entrance of the aquarium.
The boys went 'oh' and 'ah' when they saw the beautiful fishes. There were all kinds of fishes and even a huge tank with sharks. The tanks were all beautifully decorated with corals, rocks and a mix of colorful fishes. I felt as we were in a submarine looking at nature. 
There was a diver pulling out algaes among the corals. The gardener of the sea.
This aquarium was not big and in about an hour, we finished our visit. We did stay in one mini cinema to watch documentary and kid cartoon about the environment.

This aquarium was a good outing for the kids especially during this early spring where it was windy and rainy. We felt warm in this aquarium and were glad that we dropped our coats at the cloak room. However for Singaporean tourists, this can be a miss. The Underwater World in Singapore at Sentosa is better in terms of variety if my memory does not fail me. The aquarium in Brest is bigger and hopefully we will check that out the next time we go Brittany.

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