jeudi, avril 19, 2012


Since I last wrote about toddler A1's speech, he had improved a lot. As a mother, I couldn't help being worried that my trilingual kid was on the slow side in talking. Everyone I spoke to assured me that it was normal blah blah blah.
Finally I am assured. Toddler A1 talking skill is still not as good as a typical 3 year old french kid. But he can express himself better and adds new words to his vocabulary each day. He can count one to ten in the three languages and even until fifteen in chinese. We usually give him the start by saying 'one' in either french, english or chinese and he would continue in that language. It helps that he enjoys playing 'cache cache' (hide and seek) and prefers to be the one counting and then seeking while I hide.
He loves to sing the ABC song though we can make out only the starting letters 'ABCDEF' and the last few letters 'XYZ'. The tune is there. In between, 'QRS' can be identified too.

As for toddler A2, he talks too. At 18 months old, he says more words than what toddler A1 did at that age.

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MomiJJ a dit…

I have the same problem with Julian when he was three. Talk to him more, ask him questions and answer his queries. Do prompt him more so he is confident to speak up.

sohcool a dit…

Hi MomiJJ,
I was a little letdown by the PD when I brought A1 for his 3 years old checkup. She knew that he was slow due to his 3 languages. And he was shy and did not want to answer her questions which did not help in his assessment. She told me to speak to A1 in french so that he can adapt to school come Sept. I did not say anything and was disappointed with her suggestion. Seb and I will continue with our method. One parent one language. Thanks for your tips. Will continue in our efforts.