samedi, avril 14, 2012

Tulips festival at Saint Denis

Each year in April, there is a tulips festival at the Saint Denis park. We had never been there as each time, we were away for the weekend when the event took place.
This year, we were at home and decided to drop by to take a look. There were not many tulips around. They took up a small portion of the big park. However, there were lots of things organised. Stalls set up promoting activities, selling local and regional wares and food, face painting for children, plays, clowns etc...

Once we arrvied, we headed for the food place. Seb got us white wine and I ordered half a dozen of fresh oysters. I had a craving when I saw them. Not something I expected to find in a park. The queue for the crêpes were too long so we bought fries and shared with the kids.
As usual, there were balloons sellers and Seb bought each of the boys a Barbapapa balloon. A2 was too young to appreciate it.
The boys played at the playground for a while and we viewed the tulips and also saw poneys and horses. Too bad they were still too young to take the rides.

Here was A1 trying to smell the flowers.

I'm glad we visited this festival and park in the 5 years we stayed here. This is the first time and would be the last time since we will be moving out of this area in a few months time.

Lots of exciting things happening at the moment. Will update more as and when it happens.

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MomiJJ a dit…

You are moving out? Do rbr to update me on ur new place and post pic of ur new nest

sohcool a dit…

Hi MomiJJ,
OK. Will write you an email soon I promise. :)