lundi, mai 21, 2012

Disney Studios

Here we were again at Disney with Lu and his mum. This time round, we stayed almost a whole day. We even watched the 4.30pm parade of cars with Disney characters.

For the first attraction, we went to Playhouse Disney Live! We had the front row but after a few minutes of waiting, A1 insisted on leaving. He started to cry and I had no choice but to leave our friends behind. We could not understand what made A1 so upset as he had already seen the show last year. Maybe there were too many people and I guess he hated crowds.

We had lunch after that and he had chicken nuggets and fries. The last time we came, he did not even want to touch them nor the burgers. I had since made chicken nuggets at home so that they won't be strangers when we visited fastfood places.

After lunch, we took a studio tram tour to discover the secrets behind the magic. We saw props used in movies and experienced an earthquake with water gushing down on us. We also saw the ruins of London after a big disaster. It was a pleasant ride.


We walked around Toyland and were deciding which ride to try when A1 got upset. He might have been frightened by the moving dog and started calling for his dad. I had a hard time calming him down.

Ended up, we went to watch the Motos Stunt Show. This time round, it was Lu's mum who calmed down A1 when he saw the crowd. The stuntmen did a great job and we enjoyed the show. There was even Flash McQueen and Lu asked for the red car to return when the show was over.

By then, it was already time for the parade. The Disney characters came out in big american cars and they all looked so cheerful. I felt like a kid. After the parade, we went to watch Animagique and by then, A1 was so tired he was shutting his eyes while waiting for the show to start. He was no longer afraid or upset in the dark. After the show, we headed home and my dear boy slept in the train journey all the way home.

We will return to Disney in Sept as the tickets I bought during promotion entitled us 2 visits. So far, A1 had not visited Disneyland yet. We had intended to visit the 2 parks but even this small Disney Studio took all day. Maybe the next time. . . .

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