jeudi, septembre 05, 2013

The end of SAHM

It is September 2013. This marks the end of my status as a Stay At Home Mother. I have been a SAHM for 18 months. Now that A2 has started school, I no longer receive an allowance from the gouvernment. It would be boring for me to stay at home without the children. Furthermore, my company is waiting for my return.

As I live too far from my workplace, I requested to work from home. I was expecting the worst as it was not my company's policy. However, I am grateful that my bosses accept it. There are conditions and I do have to go to office every monday. I will continue to work part time 80%. This means I would be working 7hours a day, 4 days a week.

This works out well for me. On Monday, Seb would put the kids to school and I will fetch them from the after school care latest by 6.30pm. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, either Seb or I will drop the kids at school. School starts at 9am but the school gates are open 10mins before. I can drop them at 8.50am and then start work at 9am as the school is only a few minutes walk from home. When I finish work at 5pm, I will go fetch the kids. They end at 4.30pm and would only stay back for half an hour at the after school care. Furthermore, they would have their afternoon snack time there.

I start work in a week's time and am feeling excited. My brain is rusty and I hope I can pick up fast where I left off.

The past 18 months had been a great time. There were difficult moments and sweet moments taking care of A2 full time; our puppy who is turning 1 soon; being bed ridden because of a back fracture; having my mother here for nearly 2 months and the boys and I going to Singapore for that long too. I joined gym STEP in the village. I got to know a lot of mothers and neighbours and a few even became friends.

I like this chapter of my life. It has come to an end but it is a good ending. I still have my job. :)

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Me a dit…

now you will be a SAHWM! what a term. (stay-at-home-working-mom!)
i am so excited that it's working out for you. haha.

sohcool a dit…

LOL. You are right. I am a SAHWM. Sounds pretty cool. I have to make it work out for me. Thanks.