vendredi, septembre 20, 2013

Flowers, artichoke and Mickey DVD

On the first day of school, Seb came home from work and presented us with these. A bouquet of flowers for me and a Mickey Mouse DVD for the children. It was his way of marking this school day. A kind of encouragement to the family.
In the bouquet of flowers were two artichokes. Apparently, they would flower. I did not like those long grass sticking out of the bouquet and cut them off.
Each day, I patiently waited for the artichoke to bloom. Seb saw the flowered artichoke at the florist and told me it was beautiful. So the wait continued long after the other flowers had wilted.
 Almost a week and a half later, here is one of the blooming artichoke. It is pretty indeed. Seb was thinking of buying another bouquet of flowers so that these artichokes would not be too lonely. In the first place, the florist should put in ripe artichokes. These artichokes were small. If not, I would not have waited and instead would cook and eat them.

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