jeudi, octobre 03, 2013

A2's bag

I did it. Here is A2's bag. As I expected, it was too small to be useful. And not practical to carry. I had a hard time sewing it and the end product was not satisfactory.
Still A2 was very happy with his new bag. He slept with it and now it was lying on the floor beside the bed.
Speaking of which, A2 is a horder. When he likes something, he would go everywhere with the thing, sleeps with it and just have it in his hand all the time. The latest 'precious' are his house slippers. He insisted in wearing them to sleep. We took them off when he fell asleep. Yet in the middle of the night, he woke up, turned the lights on, wore his slippers and went back to bed. Seb found him sleeping with the lights on one morning. A few mornings, he had his slippers on without the lights on in his room. Or he would walk into our room in the middle of the night and asked 'Papa, où sont mes chaussons?'

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