vendredi, octobre 04, 2013

The boys' rooms

We have moved into this house for more than a year now. Time flies. I had previously posted an entry on the boys' room in our previous appartment.
Now, I present to you their rooms in this house. A1 asked for a red room and he requested a blue room for his brother. As A2 did not have an opinion last year, we did as what A1 wanted. His grandfather helped to paint the bedrooms. It was not easy to paint a bold color wall as mistakes could be easily spotted. The grandfather did an excellent job though he was not a painter.
A1 has circus theme wall stickers from his uncle and auntie in Singapore. It goes well with the red wall. I found the airplane light from, a site like eBay. Usually there are toys scattered all over the floor. Once I told him, 'Your room is so messy. You will knock on your toys and fall over at night.'  He replied 'No, just a little messy. Look, there is a road in the middle.' and pointed to the narrow clearing from his bed to the door. We then laughed togather at his cheekyness.
 On this day, A1 was tidying his room so I decided to take a photo. A2 was hiding in A1's wardrobe then. 
The two photos below are A2's photo. He still has a diaper changing table. I do have a set of wall stickers of sea creatures but I prefer to wait until he is older. He would tear them off the wall as he did to his brother's.
Their rooms are basic and functional. Toys get to travel from one room to another easily. And the boys play in any room any time. Except when there are fights and doors get slammed. Then I will know that each of them are in their own room.

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