jeudi, juin 04, 2009

On Bumwear and Sock Ons

I will have to keep this post short. Being a new mom is more than a full time job. I hardly have time to myself despite having my mom around. But as the weeks pass, I am better organised and can squeeze some minutes to consecrate to my blog.

Baby A is growing well. I asked mom to bring some washable diapers and recently started to use these diapers on baby A. I ordered these diapers from Bumwear. It looks bulky and I waited until baby achieved 4kg before trying on him. I only use it on him during the day and when the weather is warm. It is not possible to put a body suit over the bumwear diaper during cold days. These diapers are a long term investments as they can last until baby A is toilet trained. I remembered when I asked Seb what color he preferred, he told me to get 10 of the same color - white. Huh? I got 10 of them in different colors. It would be so boring to only have one color.

In the photo above, baby A is wearing a Bumwear and also Sock Ons. Sock Ons is the little thing that helps to keep baby A's socks on. He is not able to kick out his socks thanks to my neighbour who ordered it from UK.

There are so many innovative baby products out there. So far, I am satisfied with my purchases. I am trying to be reasonable. Tomorrow, we will have to shop for a new pram. The hand-me-down pram is 9 year old and showing signs of wear and tear. Maybe my next post will be on the pram. If you are expecting subjects apart from baby stuff, at the moment, I have nothing else to offer you. I do hope very much to write a post about travels and vacations soon. But that is in my KIV tray......

4 commentaires:

Kiki-mommy a dit…

i am so silly, i put the socks-on on the inside and the socks on the still works though. haha. thanks for sharing on the bumwear, i will order 2 pcs to try-out. my friends kept pressing me to use cloth diapers now that we have a helper but i dont think it is right to laden her with laundry.

sohcool a dit…

Hi kiki-mommy,
Glad that sock-ons works for you either way. I never try your method. :D
Bumwear is pretty easy to wash. I just dump it into the washing machine. It drys fast too. Have fun with it.

SIG a dit…

Is it cheaper to get the bumwear online than over here? The socks on is really cute

sohcool a dit…

Hello SIG,
there is no difference in the price for the bumwear be it online or shop in.
Yeah, the socks-on is cute.