mercredi, mars 29, 2017

La méthode de Singapour

Singapore's method on teaching maths is famous in France. Today I was reading an article about a french mother home schooling her children and for maths, she was using the Singapore method. I briefly read through and thought she bought materials from Singapore.

In the afternoon while A2 was having his karate lesson, I waited outside and saw a mother going through homework with her daughter. She was waiting for her son as well. We chatted and she told me she was using the Singapore method on maths as enrichment material for her daughter. She showed me the book she bought. The title was "Maths Méthode de singapour". I was surprised that the Singapore's method was well recognised and in France, there are books adapted to the different classes.

She explained to me that she had done some research and decided to try the Singapore method as Singapore kids have the best grades on Maths. Maths is explained in a graphical way for the primary school children to understand easily. This intrigued me.

Seb and I do not want to give extra lessons to our children at home as we do not want them to get bored in class. If the boys asked about a subject, we would of course answer him. We do not deny the kids if they want to learn something. However, we do not want to get ahead of school learning. I wonder if I should get these text book and work book for the boys. Should I be a kiasu* parent?

*(of a person) very anxious not to miss an opportunity; grasping.

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