samedi, mars 11, 2017

Chouquettes et Café

A1 comes home after school and does not stay in the after school care since the beginning of the year. My big boy wants to be independant and enjoys the short walk home with some older schoolmates. Since he is having his afternoon tea at home, I am trying to bake twice a week. I want to cut down on store bought cakes and biscuits.

Usually, I make banana cake, chocolate cookies, yogurt cake or crepes.

Recently, I made chouquettes with the Thermomix and the kids loved them. It was easy to make..  
These chouquettes go well with a latte. For Seb's birthday, the family and I bought him a coffee machine. It makes espresso the way my man likes it. 

Seb can make mousse out of milk with this machine. Once a while, I would ask him to prepare me a latte in the afternoon.
 He makes me coffee and I would like to make him vegan chouquettes. I have the receipe, just waiting for inspiration and courage*.

* The last vegan chocolate cake I made was not tasty at all.

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Jules etmoa a dit…

Hum il faut absolument que j'essaie la recette des chouquettes !!!
En attendant je viens quand pour un petit café ��