mardi, décembre 27, 2011

Spectacle at Bercy Village

Just the weekend before christmas, we headed to Bercy Village for a walk. Before having kids, Seb and I used to come here to watch movies with our friends. This place used to be an old warehouse for wine and there is a mini railway track in the middle of the pavement. Now, it has been redevelopped and the 2 rows of warehouses host boutiques and restaurants.

During the month of december, everywhere we went, we came across spectacles and shows. It was lively here as the 4 elfes were trying their best to make their reindeer move forward. They spoke in their elfish language among themselves; they spoke to the reindeer to motivate him to move; they danced; they made music; they bounced around. Finally the reindeer moved.

Everyone was delighted. Children and adults alike.

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