jeudi, décembre 08, 2011

A1's joke

Yesterday at home, A1 shouted 'caca, caca'. That meant that he pooed. I asked if he did it already in his diaper, he nodded and started to walk like a duck. He seldom walked like that so I had the impression that he did a big one and he was in discomfort. Since it was near bath time, I told Seb to run the water in the bathtub.
I put A1 up on the changing table and started to unchange him. I expected the worse and when I opened his diaper, there was nothing. I said 'but you did not do caca'. He looked at me and started to smile and then laughed. He was pulling my leg. I shouted for Seb to come take a look. It was too comical. Our little boy of 31 months is starting to play jokes on us.
This was not the first time but this was the most beliveable.
Not too long ago at the Chinese supermarket, he told me the same thing. I told him I would change him at home. But when we reached home, there was nothing.
I don't think I will fall for his little trick the third time. Let's see if there will be new joke up his sleeves soon.

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