lundi, juin 13, 2011

Great birthday party

Lukas used to live next door but had moved recently. His mother invited us to his birthday party at the grand-uncle's place. We enjoyed ourselves. The weather was great that day and the venue was calm in the countryside.

The theme of the party was around Mickey Mouse. Boy, the decorations put up by Nadia just blew me off. It was a small party with Lukas' family and us and she put in such efforts.

Toddler A1 had so much fun with his friend. As you could see from the pictures below, any kid is bound to enjoy himself. We got Lukas a fire engine truck and he loved it.

The boys having lunch on their own picnic table with Lukas' grand-father watching over. Toddler A1 had too many hotdogs that day.

Mickey everywhere!

We miss Lukas and Nadia a lot. We do promise to keep in touch and try to do activities with our boys togather.

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