vendredi, mai 27, 2005

Poor Bao Bei

I received an email from Mike today. Among other things, he mentioned that I had not update my blog for a while. Indeed, it has been more than a month since the last blog. Well, these days, times flies and there was more work, the weather is warmer and I am just feeling slack.

What's up these days? :) Bao Bei is sick again. She has this allegry that makes her scratch her face. This is really bad for a cat so we had no choice but to make her wear a collerette. It is a collar shaped like a funnel so that the wearer is not able to use its paw to reach its face. It took us 30 mins to make Bao Bei wear it. It was really a big, big struggle. She cried, meowed, and used her claws to get her way out. Of course, in the end, Seb's shirt was dead.

When she had the collar, her sight was restricted and her whiskers were not extended. This made her walked very slowly. She looked like a big black caterpillar to me but to Seb, it was more like a slow lizard. She was on all fours and she dared not even jump up the chair.

The next day, we took out the collar as she had not touched her food and water while we were at work. But she started to scratch herself again. So, after a while, I took up the courage to put the collerette back on her. But hey hey, it took me no effort at all. She just lifted up her head for me to put it on. We could not believe this. Just the day before, I had to sit on her and hold her front paws while Seb struggled to put the collerette on her neck.

We concluded that she might think that this is her new collar. Seb thinks further that Bao Bei trusts us so this time round, she obeys us. After all, we fussed over her a great deal during these 2 days.

Life's a bore without a cat.

2 commentaires:

Torti a dit…

Wait till you have a baby... that's twice as much effort :P

Good that you have updated your blog. My excuse is as good as yours ;)

Michael Low a dit…

haha, we've just gone through the same experience with Jackie, our dog. She had a little growth on her leg, and she was licking it so much that it bled, so we had to put the collar on her as well (apparently its called an Elizabethan collar).

Thank goodness the lump is gone, but I know, she was so poor thing with the collar (kept bumping into the door frame!) and because of that could not sleep with us for a few days.

Life is just as boring without a dog!