mardi, novembre 29, 2005

My Singapore trip

I am in Singapore. I am delighted to see that not much have changed. I am able to eat the foods which I missed so much in France.

But the journey this time round was not easy. Seb and I left our place at 8.30am to catch the 12pm flight leaving for Singapore. We took the train from Courbevoie to St Lazare, the Metro from St Lazare to Chalete, the RER B from Chalete to CDG Airport terminal 1 RER station and finally a bus to the airport terminal. 4 different transports in order to reach our plane and that took us just an hour and 15 mins.

Still, all is not well. It was snowing in Paris and our flight was delayed by 3 hours. The runway had to be cleared of snow and our plane had to go under a 'car wash'. Yeah, we were finally on the runway and there were lorries with extenable hoses to splash hot water on the plane to warm it up and to unfroze the wings. That was impressive to see when you were inside the plane. As we took Malaysia Airline, the delay cost us to miss our transitting flight. So at KL Airport, we waited 2 hours to get our flight back to Singapore. By the time we touched down Singapore land, we were so tired. We had not really slept since the last 24 hours.

Now, all is well. As the third day of my stay started, I am starting to plan what to eat for today. I do have a choice from the 40 over items I wrote down. :) Seb thinks that I should just stay in a foodcourt. Got to go, no time to lose.

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Francis a dit…
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Francis a dit…

Hi there... Welcome back to Singapore. So when is my turn to meet up with you :P

by the way my email has changed to and my hp: is 91796511. Pls call me cos I cannot remember your house mum's house number.


Michael Low a dit…

Hey, you and Seb are of course welcome to come over and have dinner with us at our not so new place. Tim has my number, so give us a call yah?? Tim and your mum are also invited!!

Welcome back!

Baby Rio a dit…

Hey Ashley,

welcome back...
Lets meet up. Call me at 90660383.

Zhi Yuan