mercredi, septembre 27, 2006

This annoucement is for friends in Singapore

Back in Singapore for a limited period
Hi friends,
I arrived in Singapore on 26 Sept at 7am and I am leaving in 11 days time.

I would like to get some news from you. So, I am organising a BBQ at the park in front of my block this Sunday the 1 Oct starting from 7pm. If you know me, you know how to contact me. Let me know if you are coming. Don't be pai-seh, ok?

Best regards,

2 commentaires:

shasha a dit…

HI Ashley,

Peck Yuen here...would love to attend with Henry and my kid...:) but no need to prepare food for us, we'll just drop by and catch up :)

See ya ! :)

Michael Low a dit…


Will we see you in church? If not, then we will certainly drop by, but likewise, no need to prepare food for us. We will come after jogging and dinner...